A Prototype Approach to Dating

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Go on a Practice Date

Dating doesn’t have to be intimidating. Experience a fun way to practice dating, free of expectations and pressure.

Get Matched to an Advisor

We connect you with a trusted advisor who is eager to help you improve your dating life. No need to browse profiles. Simply go out and meet for drinks, food, and other fun experiences.

Connect and Have Fun!

You pick the type of date, time, and location. Try out that new restaurant, bar, or even go on a hike. Whatever your adventure, it’s all about having fun while learning.


Enjoy a Meal

Brunch, lunch, or dinner, as casual or formal as desired.


Grab a Drink

Easy-going. An espresso at a cafe or a cocktail at a bar.


Pick an Activity

A museum or gallery, a hike or a tennis match, or go to a fun networking event.

Get Feedback from your Date

Tell us what you want feedback on and get to know how it went. Our Advisors help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

We Believe:

A comfortable and fun experience results from a setting that is free of expectations and fuzz. Personal growth and connections can be fun and empowering. Practical learning is the best way to empower growth and confidence. Unbiased feedback from others is helpful and pleasant.